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As we lean into our mission to love people to new life in Christ, live planted in community, and lead change in our world, God continues to bless our church and we continue to grow. As our church family grows, so does the need to expand our space. 

In fall 2019, our church launched our Beyond campaign where we began working together as a church community to acquire land in West Loop, Chicago. In April 2021 the Lord was faithful and gave us the opportunity to buy land on 128 S. Paulina St.

In April 2024, our church presented our plans to Planning Committee and we received a unanimous yes from the commissioners! We officially got approved through zoning. This means that City Church will be the first church to build in the downtown district from the ground up in 30 years.

Our new expanded space will serve as a hub for outreach to the city, a place for our neighbors to gather, to work, and to build relationships. A larger building will provide more space for our children and youth, and other ministries that are in our heart to do. This new place of worship will provide a home for Chicago to meet with God, gather in community, and worship as one.