Over the decades at King’s Way UMC, God’s amazing grace has been evident throughout our lives and ministries.

My prayer is that you also have a story of how God has worked through you during your time at King’s Way.

As a church, part of our story is how every generation has found a way to think beyond themselves and focus on the future of King’s Way.  Our BEYOND Campaign is an opportunity for us to open the next chapter of our story—a chapter of being a debt free church! This bold chapter is led by each person taking on the spiritual challenge to evaluate their giving commitments so everyone who comes through our doors, and those we serve beyond our walls, can continue experiencing the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

In pursuing King’s Way’s future as a debt-free church, we are challenged to give sacrificially, over and above our current giving, for three years. This requires diligent prayer and obedience to God’s calling for us as individuals and as a congregation. I truly believe that the people of King’s Way are ready for the challenge that the BEYOND Campaign offers. Let us enter boldly into this endeavor, with the faith and belief in God’s provision and grace!

Knowing that it is a personal decision between individuals and God, I’d like to ask you to consider how you can be a part of the BEYOND Campaign. I believe that as a congregation we can find a way to live beyond the debt and into a debt-free future for King’s Way. Along the way we will experience God’s bountiful blessings us individuals and as a congregation.