We’re reaching out to share with you a significant opportunity at City Church Chicago.

We wish we could sit down with each of you personally, but we hope and pray that each of you will sense God’s leading as we walk in his grace into this next season as a church.

We believe, as we hope you do, that the ministry of our church is a blessing to our church family and to those outside of our four walls. God has shown himself faithful as he continues to bless and grow our church and bless the communities around us. However, with this growth comes a challenge: space. This building has been an incredible blessing to us, but we have outgrown it. We are juggling back to back services; tight spaces for families and teams; and struggle with a lack of space to conduct other ministry that we would love to do. We have all felt it in some way or another. We need more space. Since our current monthly income is allocated toward our operating budget, we must now focus on a solution for the space challenge created by the positive momentum, mission and ministry of City Church Chicago, to secure our future.

As we’ve been seeking God’s direction, we sense him calling us beyond what we have already imagined, into new dimensions of faith to build his Kingdom, for his glory. Beyond is the name of our stewardship campaign, which will fund this new building project. We believe that with God’s guidance, this opportunity will fulfill the financial needs of our church, providing us with a new, bigger space. As part of our Beyond campaign, every household will be asked to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial commitment—over and above your regular tithes and offerings—to be given over the next three years. We hope to raise the necessary funds in order to move forward in our mission of loving people to new life in Christ, living planted in community and leading change in our world. The Beyond campaign is an important step toward our future, and your involvement impacts its success.

We would love for you to make plans to join us on Sunday, October 27. We are planning a special service where you will learn more about our Beyond campaign. We will discuss the importance of church-wide prayer during this crucial time, and we will share information about our church, its mission, and the vision for the future. You will have the opportunity after service to ask questions.

These are exciting days of decision in our church. Let us commit to seek and act in God’s will. To the glory of God, we will move ahead with faith.

In his Name,

Pastor Kent & Alli Munsey