Day 35: Generosity is Attractive 

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

How do you want to be known as a Christian? The Bible says that others should know us by our love for one another. True love goes beyond feeling and into action. Love is giving, unselfishly and without expectation. The language in this passage means that we should show generous, no-strings-attached love towards each other. True generosity is giving without expecting anything in return. It’s easy to give a gift when you know that the recipient has the means to give back. But what God asks of us is that we give to those who we know can never repay us–to give extravagantly and abundantly, just like he gave to us. This kind of generosity is what will distinguish our love from the rest of the world. This is how we should be known as Christ-followers.


Jesus, help us to give without expectation. Help us to give the way that you gave to us–recklessly and out of perfect love. Let us recognize how loved and provided for we are so that we can give abundantly from a place of overflow. We have everything we need, so we are free to be generous to those who could never pay us back. Help our generosity to point others to you.

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